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Southwest Pacific Regional Figure Skating Competition

At the Fresno Convention Center, Fresno, CA


Notes from Last Year


The registration desk is inside the front lobby of the convention center (look for the signs!)
11:00 am - 4:00pm (what date?) (and/or as you arrive in Fresno for your events)
You MUST have your current amateur card (the letter they sent you with your # and I.D.
Skaters will get credentials which must be worn & will get you in without paying.
Lost credentials will not be replaced, so don't lose them! If lost, you have to buy daily tickets.


During skating events you pay $7.00 for morning & $7.00 for evening (the all event wristband is
$75.00 and keeps you out of the ticket lines.)
Wristbands and day passes are purchased at the box office near registration.
Kids under 4 are admitted free. Skaters may see all events free (with badge).


There is a daily charge to park at the convention center, you can go in and out. Probably $5-7.
You can also try to park in the Radisson lot if it's not full or the parking meters on the street.
Parking on the street is free on Sundays.


Depending on timing, there might be practice on the regional floor on (what date?). If so, it will be $6
per skater & per spectators. Skaters who don't practice are admitted with their badge.
Double-check the practice times when you get your program.
With the closing of the Fresno rink, private practice time is limited. Try to attend open
practices at Clovis and keep in contact with your coach about possible private times.
Private practices usually cost each skater $4-8. (Bring cash, exact change is best).
Although not mandatory, it is advisable to attend the official practices.
There is also practice on the regional floor from 6:00-8:15 am each day, for $6.00.
These practices are intended for today's and tomorrow's events only.


For events be COMPLETELY READY TO SKATE one hour before your event time.
For practice be ready with skates on 15 minutes before practice time.


It is often cold in the auditorium. Bring a jacket or sweater.
Costumes must be approved by your coach prior to regionals.
Club costume should be worn for any auditorium practice and for opening ceremonies.
(It appears that this year there is no opening ceremony.)
NO holes in tights on the auditorium floor. NO jackets, cover-ups, tee-shirts, tank tops on
the auditorium floor. NO socks showing under tights. Hair MUST be kept neat & tidy.
Figure skaters need in-the-boot tights and polished skates on the auditorium floor.
Outside of the auditorium, females MUST cover up completely or change in the auditorium.


Professional videos are no longer available, so you must bring your own camera / video camera.
2010 was the first year we did not have a professional to take video. Be prepared.
Professional photographs are available. The cheapest package is around $40. If your skater
places in their event, plan on ordering photos since we will need to hang one in the rink.
Auditorium food is very expensive. Subway & Quiznos are close by, but, cannot be brought into
the auditorium.
Coach fees: prior to regionals a check is ok. At regionals, plan on paying in cash.


Since national forms are due while we are practically still in Fresno, see your club representative
as soon as you qualify to sign forms and pay fees for all events (Entry fee is ? for
each event.) Try to do this before you leave Fresno!