Southern California Area League


Sun June 1, 2014 -Riverside Full Contest + Beginner Events

Roller City 2001, Riverside, CA

Beginner Entry Form
Dance & Figures Entry Form RTF
Freestyle Entry Form RTF
A FIGURES: FIG #1; Rolling (3 Push) start is ok & 2 extra pushes ok each circle
B FIGURES: Rolling Edges, 2 circles each foot, any # pushes

A DANCE: Fwd. Stroking with Scooter Pushes on Corner. T-Position Start,2 minute flights.
B DANCE: Scooter Pushes in Circle. Rolling Start.

A FREESTYLE: Spiral/Duck &/or Bunny & Cross Pulls on Corner. Rolling Start. 2 laps.
B FREESTYLE: Cannon Ball and Toe Stop Push with Scooter Pushes on the Corner. 2 laps.

ROUTINE: Any routine, 2 minutes or less. Any number of jumps/spins or footwork.

SYNCHRONIZED: 3 or more skaters. 2 minutes or less. Trying for unison.

SPECIAL: For skaters who have profound special needs (physical or mental) Coach may take floor with student.
Tricia Bauler
Brandan Wall
Crystal Roseborough
Dick Manns
Michelle Baerg-Muckey
Marian Smith
Richard Baltierra
Candice Heiden
Billy Crowder
Harold Carpenter
Penny Liberman
Julie Gallagher