Southern California Area League


Sun Mar 31, 2013 SCAL Full Contest

Roller City 2001, Riverside, CA (Easter Sunday)

Entry Forms: Rich Text Format PDF
Event Codes: Freestyle
Draw and Event Codes: Solo Dance Team Dance Figures
USARS Membership Application
Sanction 13-172
10765 Magnolia Ave, Riverside CA 92505 (Driving Directions)
(951) 688-4145

This is a "Full Contest" which includes Dance, Figures and Freestyle. A skater may skate max
2 events per discipline (eg, 2 Solo Dances, 2 Creative, 2 Team Dances, 2 Figures,
2 Loops, 2 Precision, 2 Freestyle, 2 Inline, 2 Pairs). WC and JWC freestyle and inline
skaters may skate the Short, Long, or both.