Southern California Area League


Sun Feb 19, 2012 California State Games

Holiday Skating Center, Orange, CA


175 North Wayfield Street, Orange CA (Driving Directions)
(714) 997-5283
Draw (Updated to include Juvenile B Figures, Novice A & Novice B)
Entry Form - Dance & Figures PDF Version
Entry Form - Freestyle PDF Version

The Draw for JWC figures is changed to: 23A/40B

Feb. 5, 2012
Dear Coaches,
While trying to limit the events so skaters could skate two dances & two figures in their main event,
I feel (although last minute) there should be some slight modifications:

o In addition to the two domestic figure and dance events, skaters may skate an additional international OR Jr./Sr. WC event.
o All Novice events have been added in - Please see the draw on
o Juv. B figures - Please see the draw on

To accommodate the changes, entries will be due Wed., Feb. 8.
The Entry Forms have also been updated.

Thank you,
Rene` J. Johnson,
CSGRFS Director

You may enter 2 events per discipline.
That means you may skate up to 12 Dance Events:
2 Solo Dance, 2 Team Dance, 2 Figures, 2 Loops, and 2 Precision.
Note: You may have 1 Precision + 1 Show, or 2 Precisions, or 2 Shows.

Example Entry #1: An adult can enter:
- Adult 50+ Solo Dance
- Novice B Solo Dance
- Adult 50+ Team Dance
- Senior Team Dance
- Adult 50+ Figures
- Sophomore A Figures
- Freshman/Sophomore B Circle Loops
- Open Loops
- Senior Precision Team
- Small Show Team

Example Entry #2: A child can enter:
- Primary Solo Dance
- Beginner Solo Dance
- Elementary A Creative Solo Dance
- Open B Creative Solo Dance
- Elementary A Team Dance
- Elementary A Figures
- Elementary B Figures
- Juvenile / Elementary B Circle Loops
- Elementary Loops
- 2 Junior Precision Teams