Southern California Area League

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SCAL - Southern California Area League - Artistic Roller Skating

News: Feb 11: The draw for Super Tot Dance is corrected to Progressive Tango. The draw for Super Tot Figures is corrected to 1B.
Feb 10: The JWC figures are drawn.
Feb 9: The judging schedule is published. The draw on the schedule has been corrected for Gold Solo Dance Div 23. Some events have been split by age, such as Beginning Freestyle. There will be 5 judges for these events: JWC/WC Women Freestyle Short and Long.
Feb 6: Please upload all music by February 9. Thank you.
Feb 3: Adult Bronze Figures has been split by age into two events.
Feb 1: Published the Schedule for California State Games. Both the Youth International Solo Dance and Elementary Youth International Solo Dance will skate both dances. YI: Kilian, Flirtation Waltz. EYI: Easy Paso, Style Waltz.
Jan 27 The draw for Silver Team Dance 18+ is now the Criss Cross March.
Jan 20: Posted the schedule for Nationals.
Jan 19 Corrected State Games Figure Draw: 111B for Beginner Figures, and the loops which were listed as 114 are corrected to 14. Exception: C events skate 114.

Coaches: Please upload all your music to Dropbox. Call or text or email Victor using the Contact page if you need access to Dropbox.
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Upcoming Events:
Feb 16-18 - State Games at Orange
Mar 24 - Figure, Freestyle and Creative Contest at Glendale
Apr 14 - Full Contest at Grand Terrace
Apr 19-21 - World Figure Team Qualifier
May 12 - Full Contest at Fountain Valley
May 25-27 Southwest Regional Memorial Day Invitational at Ventura
Jun 9 - Full Contest at Bakersfield
Jun 23-28 - Regionals at Citrus Heights, Jun 23 is practice.
Jul 17-28 - Nationals at Spokane, WA.
-----SCAL Officers-----
President: Richard Baltierra (Glendale)
Vice President: Candice Heiden (Grand Terrace)
Secretary: Alexa Schlackman (Orange)
Treasurer: Pam Grenier (Ventura)
Sgt. of Arms: Richard Manns (Orange)
Registrar: Victor Reinhart (Orange)