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SCAL - Southern California Area League - Artistic Roller Skating

News: May 19: Please delete whatever files you can from our Dropbox. It is almost full. Thank you.
May 16: Updated the draw for Bakersfield.
May 14: Posted results for the FV contest. Posted the draw for Bakersfield. For Bakersfield, the doors will open at 7:00 with the first event starting at 7:30 a.m.
May 13: Posted the Schedule and Draw for Regionals.
May 10: Figure 2A is RIOF-LIOF change 8.
May 9: Notice to Rinks & Coaches: In an effort to get the Regional schedule sooner this year, please register for your events by May 20 (a bit ahead of the official due date). Thank you! Coaches: please submit all music for the FV & Invitational to Dropbox. Contact Victor if you need access to the folder for your Rink. Using your Rink folder is better than just submitting from the Music tab on the SCAL site - since you can see, test playing, and revise or even delete all your own music (even make a folder for previous years!). Thank you.
May 7: Posted the judging schedule for the FV contest. For the FV contest, the figure for Bronze Figures was changed from 2 to 2A. Also the schedule has been changed a bit. Please review it.
May 4: The FV contest schedule is posted. The FV schedule was revised to split some events per the draw. For the Ventura invitational, the Silver Div 2 Mens Figures have been moved from Saturday to Sunday.
Apr 28: Posted the draw for the Fountain Valley Contest.
Apr 27: Posted the Preliminary Schedule for the Memorial Day Invitational Contest.
Apr 15: Sent the invitation for the Fountain Valley contest. Posted results for the Grand Terrace contest. Note: Some events are separated for the FV contest. For example, S18 is replaced by S1, S2 and S3. See the FV Contest page for the codes for this contest!
Apr 8: Posted the schedule for the Grand Terrace contest.
Mar 31: Posted results of the Glendale contest.
Mar 23: Emailed the invitations to the April 14 Full Contest at Grand Terrace. The contest pricing is $15 for the first event and $15 for each additional event. The entry forms sent by email have the wrong pricing. The entry forms posted on the web site here have the correct pricing.
Mar 17: We received more entries than time would allow. As a result, the contest begins extra early, and a number of events were removed. Refunds will be issued for all who entered these events.
Coaches: Please upload all your music to Dropbox. Call or text or email Victor using the Contact page if you need access to Dropbox.
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Upcoming Events:
May 25-27 Southwest Regional Memorial Day Invitational at Ventura
Jun 9 - Full Contest at Bakersfield
Jun 23-28 - Regionals at Citrus Heights, Jun 23 is practice.
Jul 17-28 - Nationals at Spokane, WA.
-----SCAL Officers-----
President: Richard Baltierra (Glendale)
Vice President: Candice Heiden (Grand Terrace)
Secretary: Alexa Schlackman (Orange)
Treasurer: Pam Grenier (Ventura)
Sgt. of Arms: Richard Manns (Orange)
Registrar: Victor Reinhart (Orange)