Southern California Area League

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SCAL - Southern California Area League - Artistic Roller Skating

News: Nov 20: Updated the draw for the Northridge contest.
Nov 11: Sent revised entry forms by email. There is still one more correction to the freestyle entry form (current version is on the web site and here.). Also, if you don't see the results of the Nov 4 contest, press F5 or the "refresh" icon on your browser.
Nov 8: Sent the invitations for the Dec 2 contest at Northridge. Posted results of Nov 4 contest.
Nov 3 The Orange contest is moved up 30 minutes, so doors open at 5:30 and the first event is at 6:00.
Nov 1 All coaches who can submit music: check your email inbox for an email from Dropbox, so you can upload your music. All coaches with this access should get an email dated Nov 1.
Oct 26 Published the schedule for the Nov 4 contest. Doors open at 6:00 AM, the first event is at 6:30 AM.
Oct 22: All skaters get new numbers this season. All late entries must go to the Meet Director.
Oct 21: The draw is done for the Nov 4 contest. See the "Draw" link, above. The Jan 13 contest will have Freestlye and Creative Solo.
Oct 11: The only freestyle events which are available for the Nov 4 contest are: the Newcomer and Beginner events.
Oct 7: The Nov 4 contest must end by 1:00. The age range for Gold 1 was corrected to be 18+ in the draw. Please correct the entry forms to also say 18+.
Oct 4: Emailed and posted the invitation and entry forms for the Nov 4 contest at Orange.
Oct 3: Updated the USARS links.

Coaches: Please upload all your music to Dropbox. Call or text or email Victor using the Contact page if you need access to Dropbox.

Upcoming Events:
Dec 2 - Freestyle, Dance, Quartet and Beginner Dance, Beginner Freestyle and possibly two minute routine for beginners Contest at Northridge
Jan 13 Freestlye and Creative Solo Contest at Ventura
Feb 16-18 - State Games at Orange
Mar 24 - Figure, Freestyle and Creative Contest at Glendale
Apr 14 - Full Contest at Grand Terrace
May 12 - Full Contest at Fountain Valley
May 25-27 Southwest Regional Memorial Day Invitational at Ventura
Jun 9 - Full Contest at Bakersfield
-----SCAL Officers-----
President: Richard Baltierra (Glendale)
Vice President: Candice Heiden (Grand Terrace)
Secretary: Alexa Schlackman (Orange)
Treasurer: Pam Grenier (Ventura)
Sgt. of Arms: Richard Manns (Orange)
Registrar: Victor Reinhart (Orange)